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Our Team
Sheena Cadore
Sheena Cadore

Office Manager

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Crystal Lawrence
Front Desk Reception
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Shealan Joseph 
Registered Nurse. 
Beverly Cudjoe
Leo Joseph

Founder and Business Manager

Our Practice

At Carriacou Health Services we assist, complement and enhance the the delivery of health care in Carriacou by providing essential, vital services including, but not limited to, x-Ray, ultrasound, INR testing, dentistry, eye care, pediatrics, pre-natal care, ear, nose and throat, massage, blood testing and laboratory services. 

CHS is large, modern facility with suites containing up-to-date medical equipment, much of which was donated to the center from health care organizations in the US and Canada. Specialty services include medical disciplines such as dentistry, eye care and surgery.  CHS able to offer a "one stop shopping" experience for many patients. CHS has done more than 1900 X-rays, 1500 ultrasounds, delivered 72 infants, and hosted 176 operations since its inception in 2005. 

CHS does not make a profit and, in many cases, hosts physicians from abroad to volunteer their time and services. 


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